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The Genealogy includes Sites for the following families; Hatton, Potter, Munson, Hinman, Bliss, Rowley. The Descendants of Revolutionary, Civil War and Mayflower, plus a tribute to September 11th., 2002 is always under construction and growing.
Sullivan County, PA, Genealogy
This is the "Dam Site" just as it was being finished about 1938. There is a stream in the back and a small dam..thus the name Dam Site. We spent many a summer day there and had a lot of family gatherings. It was quite large,so there were often 30-40 family members or friends staying. A trout stream ran in the back, not visible, ended in a waterfall . My grandfather died here. This was originally the summer home. There was one more log cabin called the little cabin. It was constructed as a place to stay while the larger Log home was being built. It was a beautiful place and fall was especially beautiful.
Taken in the fall of 1999 near my father's place. There were deer just a few feet away at 2:30 P.M. !
World Trade Center Flag saved by David Bliss
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Lawi-Saquick, a novel by Ernest Hatton
, an Historial Novel by Ernest A. Hatton 2nd.
Online Chapel built in honor of Anna Marie " Exley" Hatton
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