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This Site is dedicated to
"Exley" Hatton.
I had wanted to build a Chapel in her honor and never did.
Mom, this is the Chapel I promised when you first received the Last Rites. I was seventeen years old and after I left your hospital room I got down on my knees and asked God to let us keep you and he gave you back to us for many more years, though you suffered through all of them. I learned so much from you. You never asked " why me"? Instead ,you always thanked God for everything he gave you. Even as you lay in your bed waitng for me to be born you knew that you may not live. You couldn't leave the bed for all those months, but we made it didn't and I. You lived and I lived !

When I was a boy I wondered so many times how could you be so grateful, but your faith never, never left you. You were so apprecitive of what God had given. It was through you that I found faith and I learned about God. I knew there had to be a God because you found a way to live through the suffering.
In my heart I promised to build a Chapel in your honor and I never did and now it is too late, so I will build it here for the world to visit. A small place in a very large world, tucked in a little place. I don't know how many will enter, but I do know that if they go into your garden and ask for help, they will recieve help and comfort..
I have never expressed my faith as I  am doing here, but I felt it was my time to say that I learned so much from you Anna Marie, a Saint in my eyes and heart. You taught me to be tolerant of others, to have compassion, and so much more, but most of all you taught me that God is Love and I must always be willing to listen to others and respect their views. You never said anything that was negative about anyone and you treated everyone the same. You lived your life in a most wonderful way. Now, as I enter my last years I must reflect back on my life. I have failed in so many ways. I never really knew which path to take. I left more things undone than I ever finished.

Mom, you made a decision so very many years ago to fight for the unborn life that is me. They said you would die if you gave birth, but they didn't know how close you were to God. You left it in God's hands as you always did and we made it, you and I. We lived !

Here is your Chapel and our untold story. A very small Chapel off the path in a very little corner of the world. It is not as I wanted, or intended, but time is running out. I guess I failed again, but I know you don't feel that way. I taped your voice for my daughter to hear when we talked on the phone one day. I wanted her to be able to hear you. That was so very long ago. She is a woman now and her name is Ann-Marie. You never had a chance to meet her.
For those who find their way and understand that you are a Saint, may they find peace in your "Garden".