Some of you will not need to refer to this Site, but for most there will be information that is most helpful. I suggest that you consider some of the programs. For those of you that have held back, for one reason or another, in updating you virus protection we have several helpful tools including a free virus protection program. We will also give links to the other programs so that you can purchase or update. Our purpose for this Site is to HELP YOU. We do not benefit from our efforts other than knowing we may have been of some help. Rather then save these in your favorites, just save the page or better yet go through the Family Fireside Site !
Mail Washer is a terrific program that was developed in New Zealand and is still under development, updating and improving. Their present program is something you should seriously consider. A FREE copy with ads is available for you to try or keep. There is also a copy for $20.00 lifetime that provides all updates etc.
How does it WORK ! Mail Washer alllows you to look at you email before you download it from the internet, thus giving you the opportunity to delete it prior to downloading. It will tell you of that there is a virus, if it detects it [ although that is not the purpose]. Mail Washer will also allow you to bounce mail back therefore telling people you do not care to get email from that your address is probably not it's likely to be deleted from that list. It IS A GREAT PROGRAM and you can try it for free! We use this on Political Sites for instance...But you decide just clik on the link and the way help is quick with Mail Washer.New "Mail Washer Pro " 3-13-03
You can get a free trial version click HERE also available free versions of the old.
When things are going wrong and you don't know if you have a virus, or not, and you're looking for help ! Here it is a free, excellent online virus scan for your strings attached ! I've used it several times after not finding anything with my protecton jusy to DOUBLE CHECK!
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Pop-up Stopper also comes in a great free version. I use it and it does prevent pop-up ads. If you want to surf the net and not have the constant pop-ups then you'll want to try this ! Also, you can turn it off very easily and remove it if you don't like it. Remember, when you visit some pages pop-ups are used for good All you do is click it off.......very easy program to use.
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Anti-Virus Software "FREE". If you don't have any protection then use this. You can update from your computer via the web and it's easy....they have constant updates, but take a look for yourself. It's eay to download and install right from their download zone.
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Ad-Aware is a program that cleans up cookies and other spyware programs placed in your computer You all probably have a ton of them now. This is  FREE version that does a great job ! After a long day on the computer just run this program and get rid of those nasty critters.
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Spam Butcher is a program I haven't, I would suggest taking a look at it if you you're getting too much spam after using some of the other programs.
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SYMANTEC for checking out new virus, hoax and if you need better protection. AKA Norton Anti-Virus.
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River Songs is a great Site to learn some basics. They also have a Free subscription to Great Greeting Cards. I'm going to give you the links to their help pages.
Removing Cookies from your computer.
P.C. Tune-up at Riversong
How to Copy and Paste
Removing Cookies
P.C. Tune-Up
Riversongs Cut and Paste
If you want to subscribe to the Riversongs newsletter.
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The NEWS section will remain to remind you of problems that will be ongoing...These are things which will remain always and that you need to be aware of....
1] You would not have noticed because the government was prepared but the Global Internet Serners were attacked on October 23, 2002. The government was prepared and was able to keep traffic flowing for the short period of about one hour during this attack which was very sophisticated. The matter is now being investgated and handled through the Office of Homeland Security.
2] NEVER remove programs because someone tells you they are a virus unless you have checked the HOAX page. There are virus warnings that tell you to check for various virus in your computer when, in fact, these are PROGRAMS THAT YOU NEED! Always check before deleting anything from your computer.
To learn how to clean your computer and more.
If you find a missing link please leave a message in the "Guest Book".
A good page for over-all help and dowmloads of new products..
General help for most
HOAX Page, check here to see if a virus warning is a HOAX